Vaccinations & practical information


We can only take care of your dog if you provide legitimate vaccination declaration (max 18 months old).

The dog must be vaccinated against Parvovirus, contagious liver desease and Dog illness. Your dog must also be vaccinated against kennelcough (dripped in the snout).

If it is the first time you are using a kennel to take care of your dog, we will recommend that you read our section ”first time in a pension / kennel”  Which we hope will help you.



Your dog must, before arrival at Hørsholm Dyrepension be treated against fleas and ticks. We recommend the ”Flåtstopperen” that is non-toxic and last up to 2 years. The Tickstop can be bought here, or see a link to the nearest dealer at www.flå you can also read about this brilliant product there. Remember we live in the nature where vermins thrives, and we do not have the options to put up fences against these unwanted guests.



If your dog is in heat during the stay please inform us this.

Medicin in shape of pills, and vitamines are fed without extra cost, as long as it doesn't require specielle preparation, otherwise we will charge a small amount – see pricelist..

Treatment like eye drops and ears have a fee of 25.- kr pr. day. Other treatments like wounds, bandage change socks or others are charged by 50.- kr pr. day

The dogs bed/blanket and the dogs favorite toy can be brought, but at own risk. 
(for dog beds there is a weight limit of 8 kg.)



Feeding is twice a day – morning and evening. (anything else can off course be arranged). We use Royal Canins products.

Notice special rules for new years evening:
To accomodate our customers whom wishes to have a Christmas and New years holiday. we only take in animals in a period of at least 5 days when arriving the night between the 31/12 – 1/1.

 on arrival:
Your dog must wear a good collar supplied with a dog tag. your dog must be on a leash and can not run about because of other dogs.

during the stay:
Hørsholm Dyrepension keeps the right, at the owners expense, to bring the dog to a veterinarian, if it shows signs of illness, or is injured during the stay. Furthermore it is left to the veterinarian to change bandages and / or tend to wounds, if we find it necessary..

by departure:
payment will be in cash or check before the animal is given – the amount cannot be transferred after the end of the stay, we do not accept Creditcards.

The dog is only covered by the owners own insurances, stay at the pension / kennel is at the owners own risk.

Opening hours:
The pension is open weekdays for arrival / departure from 10-11 am and also Monday and Friday 5.00-6.00 pm.

Saturday closed.


Sunday and holidays only between 10 – 11 am

We are closed for departure and arrival 24+25/12. Phone hours Monday - Wednesday and Friday from 8.00 – 09.30. am We do not answer the phone on thursday, saturday and sunday and holidays


Please respect our opening hours.

The Pension & Kennel is gladly shown by appointment, but there are no showings on weekends and in the high season.

The dog can be delivered or picked up outside our regular openning hours, with a fee of kr. 250.-

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