About Hørsholm Dyrepension

Hørsholm Dyrepension is a small exclusive family run pension and kennel, with focus on quality, environment and service. We have above 9,5 acres of land  and have large fenced gras playgrounds where the dogs have opportunity to stretch , and for the cats, besides their rooms, indoor and outdoor facilities.

On Hørsholm Dyrepension we stride to be as much as possible with the animals, because to us, that's essential for a good experience, optimal comfort, and not the least, assurance for your dog or cats welfare. 

Our food is of the highest quality from Royal Canin for the dogs we use the ”sensibel” series for the large and Sensibel for small dogs and Sensibel light. Our catsare fed with exident also from Royal Canin, but you are always welcome to bring your own off course.

Do you have special wishes for our dog or cats stay, we are always open and happy to help, there is off course the options to select something special for the meals or an extra walk or play, a bath before pick up, transport to our from us and more.

When you best friend goes on vacation, there is always a lot of practical things you should know, and we will appreciate that you know before the vacation starts.


You probably also have a lot of questions, if you haven't been here before. We have gathered some practical information you can read about under the "practical info" page.

We have also gathered some good advice you can read on the "first time in a pension"



You are off course always welcome to call us, before after and during a stay 

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