First time in a kennel


If it is the first time you and your dog are using a pension / kennel,  you probably have a lot of questions and thoughts, because you hear a lot of things.

There is a lot of things you can do yourself to avoid a bad experience for you and your dog - therefore here is a couple of good advises 


Maybe you have heard of a good pension / kennel from your veterinarian, the animal foundation, the internet, friends or relatives, But remember, things that might be good for others, isn't necessarily the right for you, and when your dog doesn't have the opportunity to choose, it's you that is gonna have to make the choice.


You should listen to advice from others, but never choose (if possible) the pension / kennel from others experience, instead make an appointment with the owner of the pension / kennel to visit.

Taking care of your dog is always a matter of trust, and it can be really hard, if not impossible, to enjoy your vacation if your feeling discomfort where you have chosen to put your dog!


That's why – start by picking out some places you've either heard or read good things about, and arrange to visit the places, and preferrably visit more than one place, so that you can compare the places. Are you suddenly in an emergency situation, it is off course always better to listen to others then to have nothing and choose blindly.



We can take care of your puppy when it is 4 months old, it might seem early, but puppies are equipped with an amazing curiosity, that can be used positively. This curiosity rarely lasts, because  when the puppy gets older it gets more conscious and by that feels more unsafe to be away from its owner.



We have chosento start a new puppy or "new dog" with a trial day, we do that to give you dog a chance to get to know the place and us, and to give your dog the experience that it will be picked up again. To the pup/dog it makes a big difference, that you start right, and can best be compared to our children starting preschool – we don't begin with, see you in a week… To be in a pension / kennel can't be a punishment but a good experience . Choose a trial day well in advance if possible, it's not all dogs than can thrive in a pension / kennel.  Be aware that our trial days are always in the week days, and can not be done on weekends.



Eventhough your dog don't use a basket or blanket usually, give it a washable blanket or something else during the stay, the smell of "home" supplies the dog with great comfort. Also give it a massiv bone or a toy to take, so that it has the opportunity to do something it likes when it is indoors, if you have forgotten the bone, we have some great ones for sale ;o)


Older or old dog:

Do you have an older or old dog, that has never been to a pension / kennel before, there are certain things you should be aware of.

It can be a large "mouth full" for your old friend to suddenly change scenery from a safe and maybe quiet day, to a strange place with other dogs. If your dog at the same time is weak health wise, it can be a bad idea.

Try instead to see if there is a possibility for private sitting of the dog. But off course older dogs are always more than welcome here!

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