Motivational offers & other offers:


At Hørsholm Dyrepension we don't use outdoor yards connected to the rooms, because we think it causes to much stress and noise with the dogs.


Instead we have chosen to have large fenced gras meadows, that are 5000 m2, 1600 m2 and 900 m2 where there is full opportunity to do all kinds of expression. This is where you have the options of our motivational offers.


Play on a playground with a playmate.

If your dog is social and playfull, this motivation is an absolute must.

Here the dogs decide for themselves, som play tag, others run and play some queitly walks around, sniffs and have a good time.


Motivation without a playmate.

Not all dogs are social, but still likes to stretch through, smell the "news of the day" or doing seeking  exercises.



Some dogs like the most to go for a walk, to get away alone with an adult. Walks primarily happens on small paths along our own lovely nature area, with a lot of good smells and impressions.



Other offers:



At Hørsholm Dyrepension we only use enviromentally friendly cleaning supplies.

Because of this it is not possible that your dog smells of parfume when you pick it up, but it is also not standing in toxic fumes...

If you wish for a fragant smelling and cuddle ready dog to take home, you can on arrival book a bath see more under prices.




If you have a dog with grooming needs, it is possible to buy a brushing, just tell us at arrival.


Toys & Chews

if you have forgotten the toys or bones, we have a small selection including toys, massive bones, home made liver snacks and more.



Do you want your dog to be protected against ticks and fleas without chemistry, you have the opportunity to buy "the tick stop" at Hørsholm Dyrepension. The tick stop is a brilliant invention, that looks like a dog tag, and must be worn in the dogs collar and worn all hours of the day. read more on (in danish)


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