Prices from the 1. january 2017



Dog                                                                                                                    All prices are incl. 25% tax.

 Prices below are all including 2 daily feedings (Royal Canin) and 3 daily walks. Arrival and departure days are counted as full days.

Small dogs Max.12 kg.


1 Dog incl. 

kr. 250,- pr. day

2 Dogs in one room (same owner)

kr. 375,- pr. day



Larger dogs Max 24 kg.


1 Dog 

kr. 275,- pr. day

2 Dogs in one room (same owner)

kr. 425,- pr. day



Large dogs  Max 36 kg.


1 Dog 

kr. 295,- pr. day

2 Dogs in one room (same owner)

kr. 475,- pr. day



Very large dogs Above 36 kg.


1 Dog 

kr. 330,- pr. day

2 Dogs in one room (same owner)

kr. 550,- pr. day



If you have 1 small and one large dog (same owner) that can live


together, the price is set for the largest dog.






Trial day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

kr. 400,-

Arrival & departure between 10.00-11.00 am.




Extra motivation on playground or walks

kr. 40,- pr. trip

(must be included if you have a pup / young dog)





kr. 35,- pr. day



Medicin here under insulin, dripping of eyes or ears.

kr. 35,- pr. day

Treatment of wounds or others alike.

kr. 50.- pr. day

Veterinarian visit during stay. Incl.Transport, our vet.

kr. 400.- 

Veterinarian visit during stay. Incl.Transport, own vet. max 15 km. from Hørsholm

kr. 600.- 

Veterinarian visit during stay at animal Hospital. incl. transport

kr. 850.- 

Medicin in the shape of pills that can be given directly in the food without wrapping in liver paste are given without extra cost, with paste wrapping or alike an extra fee of 10.- DKK is charged per serving.




A La Carte:


Rye bread with liverpaste

kr. 30,- pr. meal

Liverpaste mixed with in dry food

kr. 25,- pr. meal

Fish balls mixed in dry food

kr. 40,- pr. meal

Boiled fish (no skin or  bones)

kr. 55,- pr. meal

Boiled chicken

kr. 50,- pr. meal

own brought Barf and other wet foods

kr. 35,- pr. meal





Fur care - brushing dog – short / longhaired Max 12 kg.

kr. 150,- / 250,-

Fur care - brushing dog – short / longhaired Max 24 kg.

kr. 250,- / 350.-

Fur care - brushing dog – short / longhaired Max 36 kg.

kr. 300,- / 450,-



Bath incl. Fragrant shampoo and drying:


Dog Max 12 kg.

kr. 300,-

Dog Max 24 kg.

kr. 350,-

Dog Max 36 kg.

kr. 400,-





Arrival- and or departure outside of our regular opening hours are added a fee of kr. 250,- (not possible saturday – closed)


Hørsholm Dyrepension can pick up or deliver your dog all over sealand by appointment.


 If you wish our delivery or pick up service please arrange this with us when you order your stay with us, or at latest a week before the stay.



Longterm stay:

We will offer a 20% discount for a stay longer than 30 days.

- applies for dogs and cats.

To be eligible for the discount, at the drop off there must be a payment of the first 30 days in advance at normal price.

The discount must be agreed upon at the beginning of the stay.





Payment terms.


Cash at departure. We do not accept creditcards or Mobile Pay.




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